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SEO Strategist
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Greatest Strength: Identifying how to maximize your SEO efforts.


Formerly an in-house SEO at Yahoo! Inc., Jessica Bowman is now for hire! As a consultant or in-house SEO.

Jessica is an expert SEO strategist who knows how to get people on board, moving forward and improving the bottom line.

Her specialty is helping companies figure out what they need to build a successful SEO program. Her candid style gives you the insight you need, recommendations you can act on, ideas that get you thinking in new ways and the ammunition you need to get SEO high on the priority list and and driving more traffic.

Identified as one of the industry's top in-house SEOs, Jessica's specialty is building an in-house SEO program. After building in-house SEO programs at Enterprise Rent-A-Car, and Yahoo! Inc., she now has a rock solid approach to starting an in-house SEO program from ground zero, and moving your existing SEO program to the next level.

Jessica has managed search engine optimization for up to seven different divisions across the North America and Europe, in five different languages. Her diverse experience in project management, website usability and process analysis has given her unique insight into working with IT to get things accomplished - one of the biggest challenges for in-house search marketers.

With multi-million dollar successes in search engine marketing and website usability, Jessica has a love for foreign travel, weekly dance classes and kicks butt at the game Connect Four.

She holds a BA in International Economics & Management from Hiram College, graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BS in Information Systems Management from Washington University, volunteers to work with refugees, and plans to move to Europe… one day.

Jessica Bowman is an industry columnist and International speaker who relishes in the human side of SEO, the art of getting stuff done.

Jessica Bowman is featured in Jerri Ledford's SEO Bible.

Jessica is writing a book to help people who have been laid off. Laid Off Renegade launches this summer.

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